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February 13th 2024

We have made some exciting changes to the client billing module based on your feedback. It's now simpler and allows you to experiment with more client pricing models.

  • All manually invoiced client chatbots get a 14-day free trial.

  • You have the option of adding a 14-day free trial to self-sign up clients. You will also not be charged during the client-free trials.

  • We now have 4 chatbot options for your clients to choose from.

  • There are 2 bundle options for messages, forms, maps and API requests.

  • You can hide client chatbot options.

  • The agency's monthly subscription fee, previously determined by the number of clients enrolled, has been eliminated.

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November 13th 2023


We have a brand new analytics user interface for agency clients with the ability to track both user sessions and user messages.

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October 18th 2023


Agencies can now assign bundle limits for manually invoiced clients if they have agreed to a certain number of messages per month for fixed monthly payment arrangements.

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October 1st 2023

You can now connect guided flows to GPT responses by adding guided flows to GPT-trained support articles. You can trigger guided flows to trigger a form after a customer query.

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September 28th 2023

You can now link support articles to your guided flow and it will open the the relevant support articles.

A support article can be triggered as a response with GPT-powered answers by linking the guided flow to the support article trained with GPT.

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